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Why Bay Leaves Are Good For Your Health

Bay leaves are Commonly occuring rainforest tree leaves in parts of Asia and Africa. Even though they are rich in minerals and vitamins. Few people actually know their benefits. It's only recently that they started receiving mainstream media attention. And it's worth acknowledging that, their benefits are worth the trial. Some of their health benefits includes the following;

1. Anti-diabetic

Bay leaves helps to fight bad cholesterol and preventing food cravings. Since they help to promote healthy blood sugar absorption into the body. They are particularly benefitial in preventing type 2 diabetes.

2. Anti-inflammatory

Being rich in an antioxidant known as sesquiterpene. Bay leaves helps to combat harmful nitric oxide in the body. This ensures chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and gout diseases are prevented.

3. Combats infections

Vitamin C, magnesium and anti-inflamatory properties are plentifully found in bay leaves. This helps to combat free radicals in the body, by raising the white blood cells in the body. This in turn helps to combat fungal infections.

4. Promotes healthy skin

Drinking bay leaves juice regularly, will not only help you to clean your skin inside out, but also help to give you a youthful elastic skin. The juice also helps to fight acne and wrinkles.

5. Anti-cancer

Cactone cineole is the main compud contained in bay leaves. This antioxidant has shown successful arrest of breast and leukemia cancerous cells.

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