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The Kisumu Aga Khan Hospital Administration In Hot Soup After One Of It's Nurses Die Mysteriously

The Aga khan Hospital is always known for best health services it all it's branches across the country.Its Branches are all over Kenya.

However, The Kisumu branch is alleged to have taken away the life of one of it's nurses whom they saw as a burden, aged and unproductive In their hospital.

Caroline Mwenesi has worked in Aga khan hospital for over ten years, she is a widow, and a very hard-working woman.She is remembered for having nursed Baby Pendo whom the police shot in Kisumu during hit and run violence.She worked as a critical care nurse.

Mwenesi ,as revealed with a person whose identity is sealed, says her colleague developed back problems.Her spine had issues.

The CEO at Aga khan hospital in Kisumu, Jane wanyama and the Nursing Director Elizabeth kamau placed hard conditions for mwenesi as a way of doing away with her.She was asked to either resign or be fired or have a surgery on her spine so as to resume normal duties.

This is because she could not do the normal duties as a nurse and was given modified responsibilities known as audits.This didn't augur well with the seniors.

Mwenesi in the other hand couldn't afford to resign or get fired since she needed a source of income to take care of her children as a widow.The CEO and Nursing Director ordered for an MRI which was a requirement before the surgery is done.

Mwenesi is remembered for saying that The MRI is something she feard since she almost died sometime back at it. She reported to have arrived at the hospital for the surgery though she was not in for it.

The medical director had to sedate her before continuing with the process.After sedation she went into cardic arrest.At that point the same nurses who forced Mwenesi into the surgery came to other colleagues crying.

Caroline didn't make it out of ICU after the cardiac arrest on 31/07/2021.

What do you think?

Are the administrators fair to their workers?

Share your thoughts below and don't forget to follow me for more updates on Caroline Mwenesi.

SOURCE;Robert Alai (Facebook account)

Content created and supplied by: Adhiambonyamita (via Opera News )

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