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5 Things to do to feel better if you have morning sickness.

You can do some few things in order to feel better when having morning sickness.They include:

1.Eating toast or crackers in the morning. eating some toast helps to settle your stomach and doesn't strain your digestive enzymes because they are easy to digest 2.Train yourself to 5 light meals a day instead of 3 heavy meals in doing this,it helps you not to get fatigue since a lot of blood is required in digestion when you take heavy meals in a day.

3.Make a habit of taking a lot of fluids between your meals and throughout the day,this helps to prevent your body from dehydration and therefore it helps you to overcome morning sickness.

4.Avoid environmental conditions that triggers nausea.Such includes bad odours from market places , flickering lights that emerge from strong sources such as sunshine.

5.Give yourself enough rest and relaxation

make yourself comfortable at all times.Straining may trigger nausea and fatigue and as result your condition worsens.

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