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Meet A 3-Year-Old Boy Who Lives With His Intestines Out After Being Diagnosed With A Rare Disease

Calvin is a 3-year-old boy who lives in pain after he was diagnosed with a rare condition which forced the doctors to leave his intestines out as he awaits another operation.

Calvin is under the care of his grandmother since her biological mum gave birth to her while still in school. According to her grandma, she noticed his problem after he started bloating every time he took a meal and had difficulties in passing stool. She became alarmed and decided to seek medical intervention.

To her surprise, Calvin's condition was worse than she had anticipated. Doctors informed her that the veins used to pump blood to the intestines were ripped off and also his outlet opening of the rectum had blocked.

Doctors had to do a connection through his stomach so that he could be able to pass stool. They referred him to the first surgery which went well, but the doctors had to leave his intestines out, and they had to undergo another surgery to unblock the opening of the rectum.

According to her grandmother, the surgery requires 300k, and she doesn't have money since she does ordinary jobs for a living. She goes on to say that life has become costly since he has to use more than three pampers a day. It is painful to watch her grandson in such a condition, and she is therefore asking for well-wishers to help contribute money for his treatment so that he could live his life like any other kid.

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