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"Help Me, Dear Ones To Fight This Thing, I know I have Genuine Friends Here," Wanja Mwaura

Corona has been the nightmare to many. It has taken lives of many big people and too our nurses and doctors.

However according toTuko news today, Wanja Mwaura has plead with people to pray for her so that she can heal from this deadly disease. She even went further to say that she doesn't know which position is best to sleep because she has even try her belly style but is unbearable.

She said,

"It has been a tough night, breathing is an issue, I'm tired of the heavy and deep breathing, fevers skyrocketing, I don't know which is the best position to sleep on despite trying to sleep on my belly. It is super crazy," she wrote.

She now requested the public to not only pray for her but also offer emotional support for the sake of her children.

"I know I have few genuine friends here who will carry the burden of praying for me. Help me, dear ones to fight this thing. I love you all," she concluded.

Am urging you too to join me in praying for her so that she can heal faster and come take care of her kids.

For real its so sad to suffer, and the way People are dying for lack of oxygen. But am sure all this is a test and will pass with time.

Meanwhile stay safe and always sanitize, for Corona is for sure real.

Also remember to share with other too so they can join hand with our sister.

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Corona Help Me Wanja Mwaura


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