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7 Saddening Images of India's Covid-19 Situation

Reports indicate that all is not well in India.The Covid 19 situation has countinued to intensify.Vial photos on social media are heartbreaking.Take a look at this photos below:

According to reports from Citizen Tv today.In the last 24 hours, infections have risen to 352 991.As infections continue to rise.Hospitals remain to be overcrowded.Patients have no place to rest as they await treatment.

Many Hospitals have now run out of beds and oxygen.As Frontline workers try their best to save lives,many are dying.Viral images how bodies are being burnt have hit headlines.Creamination centres are full.The government has now decided to improvise makeshift facilities in order to burn dead bodies.

These Saddening Images are only but a lesson to learn from india.Considering the fact that India is regarded a hub for good medical facilities.Many even from african countries run to India for medical help.But now they are overwhelmed.

How I pray that as a people we may countinue adhering strictly to Covid-19 measures.Together we can fight this pandemic.

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