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What Made A Man To Chop Off His Genitals

After this traumatic event, Kisule Mohammed was sent to Butabika hospital for psychological assessment.The doctors who attended to him found him suffering from extreme depression. He had symptoms of heavy thoughts, frequent tearfulness and an inability to concentrate on his daily tasks. The doctors concluded that Kisule was suffering from acute schizophrenia and he had not been receiving adequate mental health care.

Photo courtesy of the man who chopped off his genitals

The doctors prescribed Kisule with anti-psychotics and other medications to help stabilize his mental health. Within a week, he was able to recover from his acute state of mental distress and was released from the hospital.

Kisule was shell-shocked by his own actions and was broken at the realization that he had destroyed the most important organ of his body.He refused to speak to anyone and was reluctant to accept help from his family and friends. He was in denial that he had done this from his own volition and could not understand why he had obeyed the voices' orders.

He was filled with immense guilt and shame and could not look at himself in the mirror. He was also apprehensive of the societal judgement and stigma towards his condition.

Photo courtesy of netizens comments

The community was outraged by Kisule's action and criticised him for taking such an extreme step. They blamed his mental condition and viewed him as an outsider. They were suspicious of him and avoided contact with him.

Despite this, some members of the community provided Kisule with financial aid and psychological counseling. They believed that his condition was treatable and that he needed help to get back to normal life.

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Mental health is a serious issue that many people are facing in society today, and it is important for individuals to receive the necessary help before it is too late. Kisule's case is an example of how lives can be damaged if mental health is neglected and untreated. It is important for us to be aware of the signs of mental health and take necessary precautions if we or our loved ones are suffering from any mental illness.

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