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Dear Youths, Stop Doing This to Avoid Premature Deaths

Have you ever wondered in todays century so many people are dying young? It is because of change of the lifestyle people live and too much ignorance.

Here are some of the reasons why people are dying young compared to the early days where by people could live for more than 100years.

First, a lot of youth engage themselves in a life full of partying and use of drugs such as cigarettes, bhang, alcohol and other hard drugs.As a youth, you should try to avoid such acts which may interfere with your future or even cause a premature death.

Todays' generation also consumes a lot of junk foods such as pizza and drinks rich in high sugar contests. Junk food are linked to obesity and uncontrolled gain of body weight.To avoid this you should always check your balance diet and eat a lot of fruits.

We also have youth who never engage themselves in physical activities which can help them shade unwanted calories in the body. So many people cannot even take a 30 minutes walk which can also be a form of exercise.If you want to improve your immune system make sure you do a weekly or daily exercise which will boost your health.

Lastly, depression is also a factor of many deaths, people are committing suicide due to different kinds of life difficulties such as love matters and loss of jobs. We are living in crucial days and we should always be careful in whatever we do.

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