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10 Causes of brain shrinking.

Causes a person's brain to shrink:

1. Never had breakfast

Breakfast in the morning is important to maintain blood sugar levels, which are needed for the brain to work properly. Sugar levels that are too low can make the brain lack of nutrition and eventually the volume will shrink.

2. Fierce

Emotions that are explosive because they are too easy to react can make the blood vessels harden. If the hardening occurs in the blood vessels of the brain, then its ability will decrease and over time the size of the brain will shrink.

3. Smoking

Some types of degenerative diseases or diseases caused by the aging process can be accelerated by toxins in cigarette smoke. Alzheimer's or one type of senility is one of them.

4. Too much sugar

The brain can shrink due to lack of sugar when not eating breakfast. Conversely, too much sugar in the blood also affects protein absorption so that brain growth is inhibited.

5. Air pollution

To be able to work optimally, the brain needs an adequate supply of oxygen from the breathing air. Air pollution, especially carbon monoxide gas can hijack the function of red blood cells in distributing oxygen, so that the brain functions disrupted.

6. Lack of sleep

The brain also needs rest, therefore sleep quality really affects brain function. Lack of sleep can damage brain cells more quickly.

7. Sleep with your head covered with a pillow

Covering the head with a pillow during sleep means blocking air exchange, so that the carbon dioxide exhaust gas is inhaled back to the lungs. The room to accommodate oxygen is finally reduced, so it cannot be maximally distributed to the brain.

8. Think hard when you're not feeling well

In addition to sleeping, the brain also needs to be rested when the body is sick. Forcing yourself to think hard when sick will make the brain work more inefficiently and eventually quickly damaged.

9. Rarely talk

Smart and weighty conversation is very helpful for brain development. If it is rarely used to discuss and exchange ideas, the brain will be blunt and the cells in it will not develop.

10. Less stimulated

As the saying goes, the brain is like a knife that must be sharpened continuously so as not to blunt. Reading books and learning new things are some examples of stimulation to keep the brain sharp, so that it lasts longer into old age.

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