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Prostrate Cancer Kills: Don't Ignore These Signs If You Want To Avoid It

Prostate cancer is common among men of older age. It commonly kiss British men and other men all over the world and in this regard, we should not ignore early symptoms so that it can be healed at stage one. Commonly cancer is the leading cause of death all over the world after malaria. There are several types of cancer but today I want us to focus our energy on prostate cancer. As I said, it affects men only but women should also be keen when they see the following signs among their friends, loved ones, husbands, and brothers. It should be noted that cancer can be healed when noted earlier.

Painful urination

This is interpreted to be a blockage of the urethra by the cancer cells and hence the passage of urine is a bit impaired. At earlier stages, the urethra blockage cannot be noted.

Decreased force in the stream of urine

This is another important symptom of prostate cancer. Decreased flow of urine is related to the bladder being pushed by cancer cells and therefore it accommodates less amount of urine.

Blood in the semen

Blood in semen is associated with prostate cancer. This is because a times cancer cells are bleeding and therefore evidence of bleeding is found in semen

Bone pain

Muscles and bone pains are associated with cancer. This symptom should not be ignored either.

Swelling in the legs

This is also another important symptom and it should not be ignored


Fatigue is common only when we have exercised or after work. However, fatigue that comes without any reason is a symptom of cancer.

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