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Family Members Await My Death After I Got Cancer And They Abandoned Me In Hospital, Anet Narrates

Anet from Rwanda candidly narrates how her family members abandoned her in hospital, after she was diagnosed with cancer and they wait for her to die.

According to her she was born in a family of seven children and. She is the lastborn. She went to school and when she was in highschool she started to feel unwell. She had pain around her throat and. She used pain relievers frequently.

As time went by the pain became too much and she went to hospital. She had several tests but the doctors couldn't find her sickness. She started loosing weight and she also became anaemic. She was transferred to different hospitals and she was finally diagnosed with throat cancer.

According to Anet her parents had spent a lot of money on her treatment and. They couldn't afford to pay for her cancer treatment and instead of supporting her they abandoned her in hospital.

"My family members stopped visiting me in hospital after I was diagnosed with cancer. They said that they couldn't afford my treatment and they are still waiting for me to die." She says.

She says that her siblings and parents stopped visiting her in hospital. She was told by friends that her family members were waiting for her death because they could not afford her treatment.

Her condition has worsened and the cancer has spread in different parts of her body. She has also lost hope and she is also staying in hospital waiting for her death.

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Anet Anet Narrates Rwanda


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