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Revealed: What Causes People To Die From Drinking High Amount Of Alcohol During Their Life Time

In addition to liver cirrhosis, there are also other problems caused by alcohol. The most important of these include inflammation of the pancreas that results in abnormal blood sugar levels. Cancers of the mouth, throught and colon etc have also been associated with it use.

Constant irritation of the stomach causes erosion on the walls leading to ulcers. It causes nutritional problems due to problems of digestion and depletion of vitamins. Alcohol weakens the immune system causing a person to be more susceptible to infectionsincluding HIV/AIDS.

Alcohol may cause direct death through acute poisoning and aspiration of vomit into the lungs while asleep or unconscious. Car accidents, homicides and suicides are other serious consequences of use.

The danger of poisoning is greatly increased by the simultaneous use of other drugs such as sleeping pills (sedatives) or anti-anxiety drugs. Chronic heavy drinkers often die from alcohol withdrawal when they are admited to hospital after an accident or illness.

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