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What Happens to A Body at the Morgue

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When someone dies, the body is taken from the death place and many people do not ask themselves questions past that. The care to your loved ones does not end after death. The care continues to the morgue where different processes continue to prepare your loved one for burial or cremation. 

Before anything is done, the body is washed using a disinfectant solution. Arms and legs are then massaged to ease the stiffness in the muscles or joints. After that, shaving is done on all the necessary areas. It is at this time when the body is ready for post mortem or autopsy. Autopsy is a medical examination performed on a body majorly to tell the cause of their death. 

Autopsy is done when there is sudden death and can sometimes involve removal of internal organs for testing to establish the cause of death. According to Mayo Clinic, the examination usually takes about 2 hours to complete. However, in cases where the cause of death can not be established at that time, samples can be kept aside for further examination. Once completed, if the cause of death is established, the doctor reports it to the family whether it is natural, suicide, accident or homicide. 

Once the autopsy is completed, the body is prepared for preservation in a process known as embalming. Embalming begins by closing the dead’s eyes with plastic eye caps or glue. The jaws are then put together by sewing or tying them with wires. Once done, the body is drained of blood through veins and the blood is replaced with formalin or formaldehyde-based solutions injected through arteries. 

The small body cavities are embalmed as well. The organs in the chest and abdomen are drained of any liquid and gas then injected with formalin. When that is completed by sewing the body, embalming is complete. 

After this if the family is not ready for burial, the body can be refrigerated awaiting burial. When the family gets ready to take the body of their loved one, the body is prepared using several cosmetics depending on how the family wants it done. The body is then dressed after which it is ready for its last journey.   

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