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Why men have shorter life expectancy than women

In most countries globally, men have shorter life span or life expectancy than women. According to World Health Organization women live six to eight years more than men. In today's article we are going to discuss reasons why men have shorter life expectancy than women.

1. Biological reasons, women and men have different biological make ups including hormones and genetics. These differences can easily affect men's health, which may lead to high risks of developing health conditions like stroke, cancer and heart diseases.

2. Workplace hazards, usually men work in physically demanding areas like mining and construction sites. These kind of works expose men to high risks of accidents, and illness that may affect their health and life expectancy.

3. Lack of health awareness, men do not usually seek medical attention whenever they feel sick. This might be because of the long term cultural believes that encourage men to be self reliable and tougher or by just fearing to appear weak. This may affect their health and shorten their life span.

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