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Reasons Why You Should Eat More Bananas

Bananas are fruits that most people should strive to eat at least one per day. This is because these fruits contain all the nutrients the body requires for proper functioning. This fruit is forgotten by most men who long to be fit, it's sad because the fruit can play a big role in their fitness.

In this article am going to give you some of the reasons why men should have bananas regularly in their diet.

1. Improves heart and muscle health

Bananas contain potassium, a mineral that is good not only for the heart, nervous system but also for muscle movement. It is highly recommended for a man to take a banana after and before the gym. Bananas also help the muscles of the digestive system to propel the food down the digestive tract.

2. Improves Blood

Bananas contain vitamin B6 a mineral that is essential for blood supply. Vitamin B6 also helps in production of antibodies that help in fighting diseases. When a man' s body has a steady and healthy pumping and supply of the blood to various parts, the man is assured of a more healthy and stronger health and can tackle any hard task thrown at him.

3. Mood enhancer

Bananas contain a feel good hormone known as serotonin. This hormone helps one feel better whenever they are down and moody, most men undergo alot of stress during the day so having a banana after a long day will definately improve your evening and night.

Advice to any man, if you want to stay healthy, stronger and happier take a banana before you start your day and in the evening.

From the above information what other important role do bananas have on our body? Kindly drop your thoughts in the comment below and don't forget to follow and like the page.

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