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What does the colour of your urine mean?

Urine is made of 95% water while the 5% is made up of sodium chloride, urea, electrolyte, creatinine which have products in them that makes the urine yellow which is the normal urine colour.

1. Clear urine

Clear urine means you are over hydrated.

2 Yellow urine

It is the normal urine colour but it should be a light pale lemonade yellow


Orange urine can be a byproduct of certain medications, like, perineum taken by people with burning pain when urinating, sulfasalazine or laxatives that contain senna.

If you take orange coloured food that contain beta carotene like carrots can turn your urine to orange.


Beetroots, blueberries, certain medications that treat tuberculocis can turn your urine to red, see your doctor if you have not taken of these.

It can be a sign of infections, kidney stones or tumor in the urinary track and it can also be a sign there is a problem with the prostrates.

5.dark brown or black

Certain medications, large amounts of fava beans, rhubarb and aloe causes of dark brown urine are not worrying unlike copper, phenyl poisoning or melanoma cause.

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