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HIV Top Activist Doreen Reveals What Happened To Her When She Stopped Taking Her ARV Drugs For HIV.

ARV Drugs are drugs that are usually taken to suppress the number of the HIV Virus in the blood. ARVs help to keep the number of HIV Virus in the blood at undetectable level.

However swallowing ARV Drugs on daily basis can really be tiresome. No one loves to take drugs daily. This is why most people will always default taking their ARV Drugs.

Doreen Muracha who is a top HIV Activist in Kenya who was recently selected to become a brand ambassador of HIV in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda has gone ahead to explain her experience with ARVS.

Doreen revealed that she used to fear a lot for people to judge her. Doreen even revealed she at one point stopped taking ARVS. However Doreen revealed that she started becoming too sick more frequently. Doreen revealed she got so many opportunistic infections including Herpes Zooster.

Doreen had no otherwise and she realized a healthy life is important. That is why Doreen returned back and stocked to her regimen. This is why Doreen is so proud of even showing the public her ARV Drugs to the public. See Doreen's post below.

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