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Foods To Clean Your Arteries That Can Prevent Heart Attack

People should be keen on the type of foods they are consuming. Lack of proper diet and lifestyle choices can result in clogged arteries. This issue increases the chances of a heart attack or stroke. There are foods you can consume to cleanse your arteries and keep them open.

Green Tea. Ensures one has a healthier cardiovascular system.

Beets. Your body transforms its properties into nitric oxide. This can offset the negative effects caused by inflammation.

Fish. Components of omega-3's work to decrease the manifestation of cellular adhesion. Beans. They are rich in fiber that helps decrease plaque buildup. Eating a good amount of beans can decrease the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. They are good proteins that are essential components in your diet.

Citrus fruits. They contain vitamins that provide benefits for the cardiovascular system in the body.

Oats. They contain antioxidants that inhibit inflammatory proteins which lower cholesterol levels.

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Green Tea


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