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Best NHIF Accredited Hospitals in Nairobi

Here are the best hospitals in Nairobi that a patient can use NHIF.

These health facilities have been ascertained to be nothing but decent. There is no dialogue on the truth that a good hospital is a factor of a patient’s well being.

If a hospital and all the staff that work at the building are committed to their responsibilities, then it is entitled to do its job as a hospital. And that is to safeguard as many lives as probable. And at the same time providing the best medical care for the sick.

1. The Nairobi Hospital

It was founded back in 1954. It is among the most extraordinary hospitals in Kenya because of its good health care assistance.

2. AAR Health Care.

The AAR Healthcare is one of the best hospitals in the city today. It has a well widespread health care system that gives tremendous services to patients.

It has highly qualified consultants in different areas to ensure the best practical and medical treatment.

3. The MP Shah Hospital

Its name emanates from Meghji Pethraj Shah Hospital(MP Shah). It is an NHIF accredited health facility. Other hospitals include,

4. The Karen Hospital

5. The Nairobi Women’s Hospital

6. The Mater Hospital

7. The St. Mary’s Hospital

8. The Getrude Children’s Hospital

9. The Savannah Healthcare Services

10. The Meridian Medical Center

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