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County Ranked Top In Eye Patient Cases With Some Resulting To Partial And Total Blindness.

I/CTrans Nzoia county has been ranked top in cases of eye patients with some resulting to total blindness and some being partial.

Dpeaking on radio, Clare Wanyama who is a specialist says that most of the people who come inn to seek for help wait for their condition to worsen before they sought for medical assistance with Kitale general hospital recording high in victims of this.

The goverment together with Lions club are doing their best to see that they report early, diagnosis and immediate treatment is administered.

On the other hand, a thorough research is being done to determine why there is a rise in this particular county though nutritional and climate effects are being speculated to be part but not yet full ruled out.

Doctors are urging residents to go to health facilities imidietly when they realise that there is a problem with such cases being abnormal tears flowing out of your eye, itching that doesn't end and feeling particles when blinking.

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