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School Reopening Updates So Far

The institutions of learning have faced one of the most challenging time in the last two years after the outbreak of the deadly virus covid 19. This came after the efforts of the government in rulling to try and curb the spread of this deadly virus affected the learning sector as people are more congested of which the virus is friendly to crowded places.

Of late the president gave orders all the learning institutions to be closed until further notice. Parents and students are now in dilemma not knowing when but good news from the ministry of education gave assurance that the time tables won't be changed and as the rate decrease as per the progress then the school will resume as planned.

It will be joy to all the candidates if the learnings will resume as quick as possible. The behaviour of the graph that monitors the rate of decrease of the infection is closely look at and immediately it turns below five percent then everything will open up for the whole country.

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