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Leaked Details On How The 1st Covid-19 Jab Will Allegedly Wipe Out Humans Within 6 Months And The 2nd One In 3 Months

Dr Sean Brooks, PHD Oxford broke the internet by storm yesterday after he revealed that we are at the middle of a giant war spearheaded by Corona Virus.

He claims that they are using faulty tests to quarantine people and create a covid-19 crisis so that they can accept to take the jab. "The creator of Moderna Vaccine (mRNA) said that no one should ever take the vaccine despite creating it," Dr. Sean says.

He goes ahead and says that, those who have already taken the jab will die within 6 months because of the following reasons;

1. You have dramatically reduced your immune system by 35%. The first jab did it by 15% and the second one by at least 35%. If you try and take the booster shot you die, also if you try to take any flue shot in the future you die.

The first doze will kill you within 6 months while the second one reduces it to three months.

2. Antibody dependence enhancement is what is happening with the jab in everybody who is taking it. It tricks the whole body into believing that the cell which is eating the pathogen is eating it when it isn't and ends up leading to what is called Cytokine Storm that causes organ failure. This eventually leads to death and no amount of medication can beat that.

3. The third and the last warning given by Dr. Sean was about clotting. He noted that everyone who has taken the jab is experiencing blood clotting. Millions have died from the jab while parents are told to encourage their children to take it.

He continues and informs the members of the public that 80% of the women who have been jabbed have lost their children in their 1st trimester. You can't have kids!

He concludes his speech by saying, "you have also injected yourself with an equivalent of HIV, since you can no longer donate blood, organs, blood plasma nor both borne marrow. You can't also breasts feed. The jab creates spikes proteins by micro-snapping your RNA in half, you are no longer a human, you are something else!"

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