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"King usurps the idea that time will be scheme changer. well who could take the eyes off the other for a fact until awkward eyes were met with a counter look. Beggars cannot be choosers; wishes were ridden by the 'unseen' urgency action. But if beggars had to choose, they'd choose: "I wish I could have unseen that". Unfortunately, anticipation for more staring and gazes were out of bounds. The urgency dopamine trims the need to consume solids. Instead, swallowing of unseen breadcrumbs is a chief to the common compliance of stomach”. These are the words which were spoken by a young man to his friend after they met and had pictures together. It’s often than not we find some words sweet as these ones. The man has taken a delight in spending and giving his time to the girl who she thinks is worth the title queen. They always spent their time wandering in the forest, making shaggy dog and corny stories and one day the man finds it hard to hide his feelings from the girl. Phoebe has made this a habit; she has decided to get distracted. She says, “it won’t kill me anyway”

We all have these types of friends who take delight in meeting us and want to always know what we are up to, doing; for such are the pillars of the daily happiness. “Can we meet sometime?" This is the most precious text we could ask or long to be asked by friends. Friends who want us cherish the good moments with them. Who want to see us get productive for no bliss greater than this.

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