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Is Marijuana Used to Treat Depression, Stress disorder and Social Anxiety? (Opinion)

In the reports from the National Institution, of Health Marijuana has been used by people to help in treating sicknesses for a while now. However, they have not yet considered it safe or effective in treatments for any kind of condition.

People have been driving to legalize the drug for its known treatments that are not yet scientific. Marijuana has been legalized in some states in, the world but some countries have thought of not. 

Some articles admit that marijuana does treat depression and other mental illnesses. The authors found some evidence that the drug does relieve depression and mental illness symptoms. 

However, even though marijuana is considered for the treatment of some conditions, diseases like bipolar and psychosis are not appropriate for cannabis treatment. The review does indicate that marijuana may be a treatment for, mental illnesses but they also contradict the National Academies of Science, review which found out that the use of the drug may therefore cause anxiety.

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