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Causes of irregular periods and their treatment

Having irregular periods is the most stressful thing that any lady can lacks peace of mind due to irregular periods.

Both the youths, middle age and also the late age experiences the period irregularality. some causes includes

1:Food taken

The kind of food one takes is the key determinant of the irregularality if her periods. Most people base on the jummed food and also foods with alot of oil.

2: Exercise

Most ladies does little or no exercise at all. Due to lack of enough exercise, the periods may have difficulties or even some may lack periods at all.

3: Medicine usage

A good example in this case is the usage of drugs to post pond periods and also the use of P2s affects the periods .

4: lifestyle

People lifestyle also matters a lot. This depends on how one eats, does exercises and also the precautions on take in dealing with periods clams.

Ways of preventing the irregularality of her periods includes

1.Doing enough exercises

2.To stop using drugs to in controlling ones hormones and also stop the usage of P2S

3.stop taking jummed food but Instead take fresh hot steamy food will less or no cooking fat.

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