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Good News As Nasal Spray Provides 95% Efficiency In Treatment And Reducing Spread Of Covid-19

The corona virus pandemic has proven to be the most fatal infection in the world as its spread is rapid and mortality rate is very high.

Several countries have responded by manufacturing vaccines which have been efficient in the containment of the spread of the virus, but Canada has developed a very effective nasal spray.

According to the Star, the nasal spray significantly reduced the Covid-19 viral load by more than 95% withing 24 hours of treatment, while in the next 72 hours, the viral load is further reduced by 99%.

It was developed by Canadian Biotech company known as SaNOtize, who have given the good news that the spray blocks the entry of the virus and stops viral replication in the nasal cavity.

The developed nasal spray was from Nitric Oxide which has been previously and currently used as an essential treatment of many other respiratory ailments.

The mode of action of the Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray is by relaxing smooth muscles which widens blood vessels in the lungs, thus preventing lung collapse.

The safety and efficiency of this latest developed Covid-19 containment drug had made several countries approve its use even though it has not gone through the third phase.

Even though there's hope of getting a cure for the deadly virus, we are all advised to adhere to the containment measures put in place to totally neutralize corona virus.

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