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New Details Revealed About Using Hot Water When Bathing As Experts Issue These Warning

To be healthy and strong, you must bathe everyday and eat a well balanced diet rich in proteins , vitamins and carbohydrates.

Furthermore, many men likes wearing tight clothes which are normally dangerously for their health, especially male cells .

Accordingly from the source, Doctor Naveenchandra Acharya have revealed that bathing using hot water everyday, may lower or destroy sperms. Furthermore, he has revealed that tight and warm clothes especially underwears can cause these problems. I quote his statement ,"putting on tight clothes, taking a shower with very hot water or anything that increases body temperature reduces the sperms count" Acharya revealed.

These are bad news to those men who likes wearing tight clothes and bathe daily using hot water.

Look some comments from Kenyans.

All men should bathe with cold water and avoid as much as possible wearing tight clothes to protect their male cells.

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Naveenchandra Acharya


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