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Another Wave? India Registers This High Numbers of Covid-19 Cases And Deaths Today

Coronavirus started from China in Wuhan City in 2019. The virus led to many deaths of Chinese before spreading to other nations. According to more than 226,848,211 people have been confirmed infected by the disease worldwide. At the same time, deaths continue to rise sharply every day. So far nearly 4,666,397 individuals have succumbed.

The United States of America is leading with the highest number of cases. As of today, 42,303,208 Americans have contracted covid-19 with deaths surpassing 682,528.

A few months ago, India was struggling to contain the spread of coronavirus. The infection rate was later reduced. But everyday deaths are being reported from various health facilities.

Today 23,863 new infections have been confirmed with 337 additional deaths. The total death toll has reached 443,865 with the cumulative cases approaching 33,339,375.

In my viewpoint, the World Health Organization needs to look for better ways of combating this pandemic completely.

Meanwhile, let's wash hands and sanitize without forgetting to wear masks.

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