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Top HIV Activist Reveals What Happens If You Fail To Take Your HIV Drugs Correctly And At Right Time

ARV drugs are drugs which are commonly taken by people who have been infected by the human immune virus commonly referred to as HIV. The virus has remained not to have cure for so long. However researchers are still studying how these virus mutates which makes it not to have cure.

Currently researches have only been able to come up with antiviral drugs which only suppress and prevent the multiplication of HIV virus in the blood. However HIV Virus remains active in the body and when you stop taking these antiviral drugs, HIV virus is capable of multiplying again in your body weakening your immune system further.

A top HIV Activist on TikTok who goes by the name Shifah is one of the people who have been infected by HIV virus. Shifah loves to encourage people suffering with HIV to take their ARV drugs on daily basis at the right time.

Shifah Revealed that if one refuses to adhere to their HIV regimen the the number of HIV virus in their blood will multiply and the regimen they are on will start becoming infective making them to became resistant to the HIV drugs that will make progression to AIDS faster. See Shifah's posts below.

Content created and supplied by: Abdian (via Opera News )

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