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The Cause, Symptoms And Treatment Of Brucellosis Disease

Brucellosis is a bacterial disease that affects cattle and can also be transmitted to human beings if they consume the infected cattles milk.

When human beings are infected by the disease,they have a lot of fever.It is mainly transmitted through consumption of infected milk,eating of uncooked meat and meat products from infected animals.It can also be transmitted when one consumes raw or unpasteurized milk,contaminated dairy products or contact with infected cattle.

The disease symptoms are rushes on the body of an infected person.For the cattle, symptom may include abortion of an expectant cattle.

Brucellosis is prevented by testing and quarantining infected animals to avoid transmitting the disease.The cattle can also get vaccination to prevent the infection and handling infected cattle with care through the use of protective equipments.

Another way of preventing brucellosis is by controlling the movement of animals to minimize the risk of getting infected or being exposed to the bacteria.You also need to maintain hygiene while handling animal products by ensuring that you boil the milk and meat before consumption.

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