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Weight Lose

3 Simple Activities You Can Do To Lose Some Fat Around Your Waist Line

Weight lose is known to come with a lot of hard work unlike gaining weight. It includes sacrificing your piece of ice cream and replacing it with some type of fruit.

Gaining weight to most people is very easy .Today i will be sharing with you some exercises you can do on daily basis

1.Walking or Running

yes get out of that sofa and be active stroll around your neighborhood if possible set a routine on time especially morning hours before the sun is too hot.

as we get older weight also increase which we have to fight it in order to avoid some healthy issues

2.Eat healthy

Avoiding junk foods like fries, cakes ,sugary drinks .Check on your portions normalize eating more vegetables and greens and a little portion of carbs.

3.Start with cardio exercise for starters then you can proceed with other exercises like reverse crunches, side bends, plank, Russian twist.

If you strictly follow that its a guarantee that you will notice change do it patiently.

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