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6 Gym Exercise Alternatives You Can Do At Home

Today I have found some great ways to always be in shape without having to leave home or spend any money.

Chairs for dipsDips are one of the most important exercises for chest and tricep activation. Of course, not everyone has a mini gym with a dip stand at home, but a chair or 2 can become an alternative at home. Just apply weight and pressure in the right areas to get the best results

Loaded backpack for bodyweight exercisesIf you need to do some workouts like lunges or push-ups, but going to the gym and using special equipment is not an option, you can try doing these same exercises with a loaded backpack. Advanced lifters can do these exercises while holding even more heavy items.

Wall for strength and flexibility exercisesFor those who want to strengthen your legs and core, you can use any wall in your home as an exercise tool. Elevated push-ups, handstands, stretches, and yoga inversions can be easily performed this way.

Stairs for all cardio exercisesThe most used equipment in gyms are treadmills and bike simulators for cardio exercises, because they are a very important foundation for any workout. But don’t worry if you don’t have one at home or can’t go to the gym, you can get just the same result by just using the stairs at your home, office, or in a public place.

A couch as a benchThe couch in your home can be used for more than just watching television. One way is to do exercises like sit-ups, split lunges, and more, using it as an alternative to a bench.

Pike push-ups instead of dumbbell pressDumbbell press is known to be one of the best strength training and mass building exercises for the upper body in gyms. However, pike push-ups can be a great alternative for them and can be done at home without any fitness equipment.

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