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Five Tips For Looking After Your Eyes So As To Have a Perfect Vision

The eye is one of the busiest organs of the body and one of the most sensitive.Great care must be accorded to the eyes because even a simple accident can ruin your eyesight.The advancement of technology in the past decade has meant that many people spend a lot of time staring at various screens.From television screens to phone screens and then computer screens.Studies conducted show that between 50% to 90% of office workers have eye strain.It's advisable to have eye examinations at least once in 2 years.People with a family history of eye problems should have checkups at least every year.You should also avoid smoking as it is a big risk to eye health.

Without any further ado, let us look at ways you can protect your eyes so that you have a perfect vision.

(1) Get Regular Eye Checkups

When it comes to proper eye care, this goes without saying.People that work on a computer daily are advised to have yearly eye examinations so that any problems are detected early.The patient should explain to the doctor how long he/she stares at a screen during the day and the person should also be able to approximate the distance that is always between him/her and the computer to the doctor.

(2) Maintain a Reasonable Distance Between Your Eyes and Screens

You should not work so close to your computer.Some studies say that your eyes should be more than 40cm away from the screen.If you cannot read well just increase the font rather than extending closer to the computer.

(3) Eat Foods That Are Good For Your Eyes

Foods that are good for eyesight are those containing vitamin A and C. Foods like carrots, mangoes, lemons, grapes, cabbage, spinach are rich in vitamin A and C.

(4) Take Breaks

You are advised to have regular breaks away from your computer and other gadgets to avoid straining your eyes. For instance, you can take a nap. Opticians recommend a 15-minute break after every 2 hours and for those that can afford, soak a cloth in cold water and put it on your closed eyes for 10 minutes.

(5) Blink

We may subconsciously not realize it but when we are staring at various screens, we take long to blink which is detrimental to eyes. Under normal circumstances, we blink 15 times in a minute as studies show. When starring at a computer screen, this drops by almost half. Infrequent blinking leads to dry eyes hence causing eye strain. So as you work on your computer, phone and other gadgets with screen light, endeavor to blink frequently.

Eyes provide us with vision. Without them, it would be difficult to live a fulfilled life. In this era of technology, be intentional about taking care of them by getting regular eye check ups, maintaining reasonable distance between your eyes and screens, eat food that is good for your eyes,take breaks while working on your gadgets, and intentionally blink frequently while staring at a screen.

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