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Lower Your Cholesterol And Blood Sugar Levels Within A short Time By Eating This One Fruit

Diabetes and high cholesterol level has been a major problem to many people since it can last in the body without symptoms mostly in the initial stages. Fortunately this condition can be rectified by one proven fruit that lowers the blood sugar and high cholesterol level within a short time.

It is well known that regulating the diet is the best key to managing diabetes. The spikes of sugar can lead to diabetes since the insulin does not function well. You might have early signs like a urge to pee every time and too much thirst. For the cholesterol too you will have also some chest pain showing that your arteries are narrowed not pumping enough blood.

One fruit that has a power to reduce blood sugar is Fig fruit. This fruit has been proven to reduce spikes of blood sugar very fast. Diabetics should now eat the fruit more frequently to help them. Fig fruit has anti diabetic properties as well as pectin that helps to reduce the cholesterol level.

Adding a good amount of fig fruit to glucose drink will help lower the overall blood sugar and insulin levels. The effects of lowering the blood sugar in fig are concentrated and natural. The abscisic found in standardized fig extract helps improve the glucose level.

Fig leaves also are very effective in increasing the sensitivity of insulin. The ficusin derived from fig leaves can help increase insulin sensitivity. The extract from leaves also can help diabetics in normalizing fatty acids and vitamin E levels.

Eating fig fruit frequently can help the diabetics by reducing the blood sugar levels and it can help by lowering the high cholesterol levels that leaving you with good cholesterol. It can also provide enough energy and help maintain a healthy a weight. Fig fruit is full of Nutrients.

Thank you and God bless you.

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