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10 Things That Happen To Your Body If You Walk Everyday

A simple exercise like walking has so many benefits that can transform one's body in different ways. The following is a list of 10 positive changes that will happen in your body it you walk everyday.

1. Positive changes in the brain- While walking, the pressure on the feet sends pressure waves that transmit through the arterial system improving blood flow in the brain.

2. Better vision- Walking regularly reduces the chances of having macular degeneration which stops the function of light sensitive cells which may cause vision loss in old age.

3. A healthy heart- Walking leads to an increase in heart rate, better blood circulation and better supply of oxygen and nutrients to heart and other parts parts of the body. Walking also reduces cholesterol levels thus keeping the heart healthy.

4. Healthier lungs- Walking boosts oxygen levels in the bloodstream which helps get rid of toxins in the body. Increased oxygen levels flowing throughout the body keeps away any lung related issues.

5. Highly beneficial to the pancreas- Walking daily helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels hence preventing diabetes. It also works out in bringing down stubborn sugar levels that may be high due to stress.

6. Better digestion- Walking helps in production of digestion juices which aid in digestion.

7. Toned muscles- Walking is not only good for making muscles tone but also helps in loosing weight. It has a low impact so one does not need recovery time or any break because of soreness in the muscles.

8. Stronger bones and joints- Walking regularly ensures joints are in good shape thus reducing the risk of having a fracture or a reduction in bone mass.

9. Better back- Walking is beneficial for people with back pains. It is a low impact and effective exercise.

10. Calmer mind- People who walk on daily basis are less stressed than those who do not. Walking gives one time to think and divert mind making the mind calm.

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