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Here's The Only Body Part You Should Never Clean According to Medical Experts

Bathing or showering is an effective way to keep your body fresh and maintain hygiene. While in the bathroom, you probably wash the whole body from head toe, including body crevices, and this is where you might be going wrong.

According to medical experts, there is one body part which you should never clean whatsoever. They argue that the ear canal should never be cleaned as doing so might pose more harm than good.

Dr Kris Jatana, a medical expert abd a lead author in a research on the subject matter, claims that the ear canal is capable of cleaning itself and you should therefore only clean the outer part of the ear.

He further adds that using cotton swab to clean the ear can impair you hearing as there is a higher chance of interfering with your eardrum. He explains that doctors raised concerns over the safety of cotton swab and even demanded the policies to be made to have the companies put a warning note to customers. He however claims that most people are still using them despite the possible threats posed by the product.

It is therefore recommended to use a soft sponge to clean the outer part of your ears but don't clean the canals as they are self cleaning.

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