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9 Places Where You Should Not Keep Your Phone

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives and we can't live without them. In a given day you touch your phone countless times. But while using the phone, it's well to use it well. Here are 10 places where you should not keep your phone.

1. Your back pocket- Keeping your phone in the back pocket can give rise to many effects such as accidental calls, losing or even breaking the phone when you sit down. Keeping the phone at the back pocket can also give rise to stomach and leg pains according to scientists.

2. Your Front Pocket- Phones have electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, men who keep their phones in the front pocket are likely to suffer from poor sperm quality and quantity.

3. Inside bra- Scientists have proved that keeping phones in the bra can increase chances of breast cancer because of the electromagnetic radiations emitted by the phone.

4. Tiny bags that hang on your hips- This is another bad place to keep your phone. Research has shown that those who carry their phones near their hips or thighs are likely to suffer from weak bones around that region.

5. In close contact with your skin- Keeping your phone next to the skin especially when on call can lead to skin problems and other related health problems. Always keep your phone some centimeters away from your skin when on call.

6. On charge overnight- Using our phones all day and leaving them to charge overnight what most of us do. Charging your phone overnight can seriously harm it's health, reducing the lifespan of the battery.

7. In a very cold place- Placing your phone in extremely low temperatures can bring trouble as the phone is built to withstand only a certain range of temperature. This can seriously damage the battery of the phone.

8. In a very hot place- Just like cold temperatures, phones can't bear hot temperatures too. Therefore, keep it away from hot objects and direct sunlight to avoid battery damage.

9. Beneath your pillow- Keeping your phone under the pillow will distract your sleep because of light emitted when a notification pops up which may interfere with production of sleep hormones. Besides, phones have electromagnetic radiations which can cause dizziness and headaches.

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