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“In My Noses Were Two Pipes” Philip Etale Narrates His Recent near Death Experience

ODM Communications Director Philip Etale narrated his Covid-19 ICU experience in what he thought was his last day on earth while thanking God for saving him.

“One afternoon in the evening of July this year. My oxygen levels stuck at 45 while my sugars had abnormally shot to 30. The whole body was aching. My vision was blurred,” he wrote in a Facebook post yesterday.

As a result of his low blood oxygen levels, the doctors inserted ‘two pipes’ (nasal cannulas used to administer oxygen) with 45 liters of oxygen and a facemask with 15 liters of oxygen.

Etale wrote that he felt his was banging and everything around him “looked dead.” His speech was also coherent.

“While on that ICU bed and with no one around me, I whispered a word to God; ‘God, please heal me’. After several days in that bed, I recollected myself, I began feeling myself and the body pain had disappeared,” he wrote.

God heard his prayers and gave him another chance to live. Etale said that this made him learn one lesson “respect man but fear God. He is the giver and taker of life.”

He also advised his followers not feel intimidated by fellow humans if they have God on their sides.

We wish him good health and a long life. Let’s keep on protecting ourselves against coronavirus by wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing and getting a vaccine shot.

Content created and supplied by: AfyaTimes (via Opera News )

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