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Here is what happens when you ditch the carbs

Carbohydrates are energy giving foods and are part of a balanced diet. There two types; complex (whole grains) and simple carbs which are things like white rice, cakes, bread, etc. These foods raise the body blood sugar which activates addiction centres in the brain causing cravings of more sugary and salty foods. People tend to avoid carbohydrates when they want to lose weight hoping to cut the extra pounds. Here is what happens when the body is deprived the energy giving foods.

1. Your energy levels drop

A feeling of tiredness starts to kick in since whole grains contains vitamin B, iron and magnesium which are essential in maintaining energy levels. One may feel dizziness, nausea, insomnia and at times the mouth dries leading to bad breath. This happens for the first few days until the body adjusts. To avoid this, do portion controls on whole grains and avoid the processed ones.

2. You lose water weight

At first, don’t get too excited when you notice some dropping in weight. This is just water weight; real results happen when the body starts using the stored glycogen and afterwards body fats starts to break down.

3. Irregular visits to the toilet

Whole grains give us fibre which help in bowel movement and when the diets lack fibre the waste in the colon stays there for a while. Fibre also helps to stabilize blood-sugar levels, reduce chronic diseases and reduce obesity.

4. You become moody

Feel-good hormones called serotonin are activated by carbs that is why many people eat a lot when stressed. Therefore, starch deficiency will make you feel moody and no one will want to be around you.

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