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Slim Your Tummy Now. Get Rid of Belly Fat With No Exercise in One Week

According to a recent study, a higher percentage of the population are over weight majorly because of bad eating habits. Physical exercise has not always been the option for everybody with a majority of people spending hours running kilometers and ending up not loosing any considerable weight. This easy to make home made remedy contains the necessary detox and exact nutrient supplement that your body needs to re-organize itself and burn the excess fat in a matter of days and continuous use ensures elimination of belly fat giving you a slim tummy.

You Will Need The Following.

A fresh watermelon

Two bitter oranges



A glass

How To Prepare.

Cut the watermelon into half. Do not remove the seeds as they are necessary for this process. Peel off the green hard part and chop one half into smaller pieces. Put in a blender and blend till to a fine paste for about four minutes. Set this aside.

Wash the oranges with clean water and use a knife to dice into small pieces. Do not peel the cover. Put in a blender and blend for two minutes. Use a sieve to remove the larger particles and pour the rest in a glass.

Mix this with the watermelon juice and the remedy is ready for use.

How To Use.

Drink this remedy three times a day, thirty minutes before and one hour after meals. You will begin to see the positive effects of this remedy as early as the second day after using.

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