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15 Miracles of Nature that you Unknowingly Possess

Many of us take for granted our bodies involuntary reactions, considering them to be a nuisance and a show or sign of weakness. However, as bothering as they might seem to be, they are the nature’s very best gifts to us.

We, as human beings, go through a lot of activities and events in our lifetime. Some of which are pleasant, while others are painful and heartrending. In this manner, we accumulate huge amounts of chemicals and hormones in our bodies each day of our lives, a greater portion of which are toxic.

These toxins are very harmful to our systems and must be got rid of; or else they will cause damages to our cells, tissues, organs and organ systems. It takes the very best of designers ever heard of, to structure and model a living super machine – an automated formation – that has the capacity and ability of detecting an imbalance in the system and making the necessary readjustments as a feedback response. Our Creator did exactly that!

Consciously and unconsciously; day and night; while awake and in sleep, our body systems are ever in action – checking and counterchecking for any traces of unwanted substances that need to be expelled from within. It is only in sickness that this programming is distorted.

The expulsion process at times comes rather abruptly and so unexpectedly, and in places where some of them prove to be so embarrassing. But then, weigh a moment’s embarrassment against a lifelong health problem then tell me which is better….

We cannot control some of these reactions, for they happen through involuntary muscle movements (though, many a time, we tend to suppress them when they come about). This may prevent us from public embarrassment; but might pose an adverse health condition, that might also be too costly to reverse, or even end up into a permanent condition.

These reactions take place occasionally, once in a while, ranging from a few seconds to a couple of minutes – most of which are personally motivated, others being externally influenced. However, being beneficial as they are, a persistent recurrence in any one of them is dangerous. If you notice that you are undergoing such a scenario, it is abnormal. A visit to a nearby qualified psychologist or doctor is recommended. You might be having a serious situation that calls for medical attention.

How nature operates is still a phenomenon to the human race. It surpasses our understanding. We can only speculate on how it happens in theories and theorems, but we can not fully explain the act to exhaustion. Scientists all over the world are ever engulfed in hi-tech experiments and trials with an attempt of unraveling these nature’s hidden secrets; yet, with all the painstaking time and resources dedicated to these, all they can achieve is merely but the tip of the underlying iceberg!

The Holy Bible talks of our bodies as “fearfully and wonderfully made.” (See Psalms 139:14) In the same vein, I have, therefore, termed the proceeding actions as the “Amazing Miracles of Nature!” I will be presenting each of these involuntary reactions in my subsequent posts. Use them well, and you shall definitely reap from their true value. 

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