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Efficient Types of Contraceptives

Contraceptives are used to prevent unwanted or unplanned pregnancies among both women and men.Some of these contraceptives also help to prevent sexually transmitted illnesses.Using contraception helps couples to plan their children.This makes it easier to cater for the children financially without any struggles.Examples of contraceptives include;

Long acting reversible contraceptives,,the intra uterine device(IUD)these is a t shaped device used by females and inserted in their uterus and can either be long-term or short term.These procedure is not permanent and thus can be reversed.

Hormonal contraception.This is the pill or the depo provera injection.These includes pills or an injection that surpresses the hormones in the body thus preventing conception.

Barrier methods.Use of condoms.Condoms prevent the sperms from meeting the ovum therefore fertilization of the egg does not occur.

Permanent contraception.Includes tubulation and vasectomy.This type is permanent and therefore once done cannot be reversed.

Hormone implants.It is a small rod place on the upper arm.These implants vary duration and can be places for as long as you want

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