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Foods That Clean Your Arteries and Can Prevent Heart Attack

Eating certain types of foods will help clean your arteries naturally and reduce cholesterol, which will prevent a heart attack. having healthy arteries means there is reduction of heart related diseases like hear attack and angina pectoris. The research was done by the British foundation and they concluded that many people are have blocked their arteries without knowing. Thy only become aware of it once they develop symptoms like chest pain or claudication.

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Fish is the first food you should involve in your shopping list, because it contain a ton of healthy omega -3 fatty acids. This acids are known to have a positive effect in blood cholesterol levels in our bodies which ultimately leads to reduction of clogged arteries.

Citrus fruits

In a study published in Arya Atherosclerosis, citrus fruit was found to have significantly reduced systolic blood pressure , and also reduced stenosis. By drinking citrus juice in a day your reduce the chances of being diagnosed with hypertension. For people with history of peptic ulcers diseases, you have to dilute the juice with water at an ratio of 1:1, to reduce the concentration of citric acid.


Eating at least eight shelled walnuts has more efficacy in protecting the arteries from damage more than the well known olive oil. Its advisable to eat walnuts at least twice in a week.


When it come to choices of foods to eat for healthy arteries, turmeric should be your best friend and you should included it in your list. Not only does it protect you arteries, it also fights different metabolic conditions that play a factor in development of heart arteries.

Green Tea

There have been several studies done concerning green tea in relation to cardiovascular disease, and it was found around 70% of people who at least drank 5 cups of green tea a day has less risk of death from heart attack or stroke.

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