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4 Bitter Statements You Should Never Say To A Person Living With HIV.

HIV can be contracted through various ways including sharing needles with infected persons, blood transfusion and through unprotected sex.

However, majority of people in the society perceives that people with HIV must had irresponsible sexual contact.This perception creates feelings of guilt and stigmatization among HIV positive patients consequently shortening their life span.

It is therefore very important for people to understand how to live positively with these people without hurting their emotions through both verbal and non- verbal communication.

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The following 4 statement should never be uttered to a person living with HIV as it can worsened their chronic condition leading to early death.

1.Telling them that you are sorry. When a HIV positive person trusts one to the extent of sharing with them their private personal information like their experience with the virus or their positive status it's wrong to 'sorry' them.

Saying sorry makes them feel guilty and ashamed hence it's advisable to instead appreciate them for the trust.

2.Asking them how they got infected. Some might have been traumatically assaulted sexually like being raped by a gang leading to them getting infected with the virus.

Asking them questions that will elicit their painful thoughts and experiences of their past should be avoided.

Instead one should help them to move on with life and focus on a better future.

3.Asking them about the HIV status of their current partner.

This question is socially uncouth and in appropriate as it interferes with the patient's right to privacy.

4.Reffering to them as "the sick."

Despite them having a chronic condition with a variety of opportunistic infections they should not be called names that potray them as sufferers since it's part of their daily life.

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