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How To Prevent And Treat Swollen Eyelids

What you need to know;

1, Eyelid swelling is the process of excess fluid building up in the tissues around your eyes.

2,The Eyelids are partially submitted susceptible to swelling because skin is thin,and there many blood vessels close to the surface.

3,Exposure of allergens such as dust,pollen,or chemical can cause your eyes to become red and swollen.

It can be alarming when you notice that one or both of your Eyelids are swollen.The Swelling could cause discomfort and interfere with vision.There many possible causes for this condition such as allergies, eye strain infections and facial injuries or trauma.

Medical conditions such as thyroid diseases, lupus,can result to eyelid swelling. Crying also may cause eyelid swelling. Incase of the eye swelling one should apply a cold compress or damp tea bag to the eye to relieve.

If you experience eyestrain, take regular breaks from computer screen and relax your eyes.If your a smoker quit smoking because it increases your risk of developing various diseases. Avoid using harsh facial scrubs and cosmetics that can irritate the eyes.

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