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The 7-step Evening Routine That’ll Put You Ahead Of 96% of People.

Step 1: Make it a habit

Evenings come and you just want to relax. But having a routine to unwind and reflect is key. A solid evening routine will help you reflect on the day and become a better version of yourself tomorrow.

Step 2: Avoid exercise before bed

Your body needs:

• Lower heart rate

• Slowing down of brain waves

• Let your body temperature settle

Exercise leads to:

• Higher heart rate

• Raised levels of arousal

• A higher body temperature

If you need to move, do a gentle walk.

Step 3: Ask yourself powerful questions

-What are the loops running in your head?

-Who can you reach out to tomorrow?

-Whose life did you improve today?

-What’s your highlight of today?

-What could you improve on?

-How did you score today?

-Are you happy tonight?

Step 4: Journal

Daily reflection ensures you are in control of your life. Use stream of consciousness writing to:

• Inspire Creativity

• Strengthen memory

• Improve Mental Health

• Reduce stress and anxiety

• Track progress and self-growth

Step 5: Meditate

Apart from the benefits to your mood and mental wellbeing, meditation also boosts your productivity. Use an app like Headspace or Calm to get started.

Step 6: Prepare for tomorrow

Tomorrow’s success is determined the evening before. Identify the One Thing will make tomorrow a success. Review your calendar and to-dos. Lay out your clothes.

Step 7: Read

Nothing helps you settle for bed like reading. But read something that you enjoy:

• Books about your hobbies

• Latest fiction novel

• Graphic novel

End your evening routine with something you enjoy to reward yourself.

Content created and supplied by: Sylvia (via Opera News )


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