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How Nephritis can result in kidney failure if untreated and ways to prevent it.

Nephritis also known as glomerulonephritis is a group of diseases that causes an inflammation of the nephrons.

The nephrons are the functional units of the kidney and are involved in the regulation of water and soluble substances in blood.

Nephritis can be caused by an enlarged prostrate,kidney stones, tumour, certain medications,kidney diseases.

There are several types of nephritis conditions such as

*Acute nephritis which develops suddenly after a severe infection.

*Lupus nephritis-occurs when the immune system attacks the kidneys.

*Chronic nephritis-a condition that develops slowly over time.

*IgA nephropathy which occurs when IgA antibody deposits build up in the kidneys and cause inflammation.

A person is at a higher risk of getting nephritis if

1.They are diabetic.

2.They have obesity.

3.They have heart diseases.

4.They are 60 years or older.

5.There is a history of kidney problems in their family.

Some symptoms of nephritis are:

1.Changes in urination habits.

2.Bloody and foamy urine.

3.Body swelling.

4.Painful pelvis.

5.Pain in the kidney area or abdomen.



If not treated promptly nephritis can result in kidney failure,nephritic syndrome and chronic kidney disease.

Nephritis can be prevented by avoiding smoking,exercising regularly,keeping blood and sugar levels within a healthy range,maintaining a healthy weight,limiting alcohol intake,drinking plenty of water and reducing salt intake.

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