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Does Your Life Shorten if You Donate or Sell Your Kidney?

We donate one of our kidneys to relatives, friends and siblings when their health is out of whack. To begin with, the kidney is an important organ which filters out waste from the blood before it's taken across the body.

We normally have two kidneys to facilitate the abovementioned process. However, people have been wondering what will happen to your body when you have only one kidney. 

Does kidney donation affect your lifespan? The answer is no.

To clear the air, those with one kidney can also lead a normal life after a surgery. Nothing will prevent you from living a healthy life so long as you observe health practises.

Depending on what you consume on a daily basis, you can live longer with one kidney. In fact, the donors have low chances of falling victims but this does not mean they are completely safe. 

When the kidney is removed, the single normal kidney will adjust to play the functions of the donated kidney. 

Exercising could protect your one kidney from associated risks. However, doctors have quoted that people with one kidney should best avoid contact sports like hockey, rugby and football since they may predispose you to kidney injury. 

Doctors also recommend that you go for yearly checkups to ascertain whether the kidney is properly functioning. 

Some studies have detailed that people with one kidney are highly vulnerable to high blood pressure, reduced kidney function and proteinuria but in rare cases.

To prevent further damage, it is always recommendable to talk to your doctor so that he can spell out to you what you need to do to avoid falling victims to the said infections

Content created and supplied by: SamMunyaka (via Opera News )


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