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How To Attract A Lady Without Using Words

Most men are not able to figure out how to attract a lady. This is a challenge to most of them, some are shy while others are just afraid of the response they might get. My advice is that do not be afraid cause no one will beat you or kill for trying, you might just be lucky.

Below are some of the simple tactics one can use to attract a lady without saying any word.

1. She should see you being social

Ladies like a guy who can interact with other people. If she sees you are social this will show her that you are not a boring guy and she might have a great time talking to you.

2. Making frequent eye contact

This will send the massage to her that you are interested in her. However, do not stare so much or else she will think that you are a stalker and will try her best to avoid you.

3. Look smart

Whenever you are interest into lady try your best to dress up neatly. Try your best to stand out in all other men that are around, this will show her that you can take care of yourself.

4. Proximity

Try your best to close to her whenever you are in a gathering. Close that she can see you noticing her and she can also see you.

5. Keep fit

Ladies like men are attracted my what they see. If you go to the gym workout you will get an "alpha" like body. Ladies are attracted to men with sporty like bodies, so guys hit the gym whenever you get a chance.

What are some of other tricks you think might help. Drop your opinions in the comment section.

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