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"My Parents Watched Me Being Burnt Alive by My Uncle, The Pain is Too Much For Me" Lady Narrates

Alisa was born just like any other normal kid but at the age of 5, she started developed a sharp pain around her neck and since her parents could not afford to take her to the hospital for treatment, they treated her with herbal medicine.

The disease became worse and her parents became very worried to a point of thinking that they would loose their child. Alisa had an uncle who was a medicine man and the only solution her parents had was to take her to the uncle soo that she could be treated.

When she arrived at her uncle's place, his uncle claimed that the disease was strange and he had never treated such a disease but he had a solution to her condition. Her uncle suggested that she be burnt around the neck to drain the fluid which was by then forming on Alisa's neck.

She claims her parents held her hands very tight and she could not move. The uncle placed a folk on the fire and he burnt her around the neck while her parents were watching. She claims from that incident she was left with painful scars yet she never got healed.

She has undergone alot of surgeries but her scars remain painful where she claims her parents sold everything soo that she can be treated but she has not been able to get a proper treatment since she does not have money.

Alisa has been living with the pain for the last thirty years where she claims sometimes the pain is too much and she can rarely go to work due to her condition.

Alisa has asked well wishers to help her raise her treatment money since the pain is unbearable and she is already loosing hope although no one has ever bullied her in the village.


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